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What’s Behind the Makeup

February 9, 2018


“Once you become free of hiding yourself, life becomes vibrant again.” 


Like all of you, I am not perfect. Many years of my life I strived for perfection, only to disappoint. I have always been hard on myself, setting high expectations and goals, accomplishing many great things. I am grateful for all of that but this past year I learned to be grateful for the small things in life as well. Many of you always see me smiling, photos of a happy IFBB physique pro, Doctor of Physical Therapy, makeup artist, entrepreneur, nutrition coach. But few of you have seen the pain I have been through. I have always been a person to hide pain and emotion to appear “perfect” and positive on the outside. To hide behind makeup, a mask. But behind that mask is a face and behind that face is a story.

I have been working on another blog to tell my story of bad heath, pain, depression at times, life failures, the “imperfect” part of me. I am doing this as a means of showing who I am as a whole, behind the pretty, smiling social media pictures. Because as the quote says, life is much more vibrant when you are honest and not hiding. So stay tuned as I come out from behind the smile and makeup...
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