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You Can't Paint a Pretty Picture on a Dirty Canvas

January 31, 2018


What's more important than having and using the best of the best makeup? Well it's just like a painting, and you have to start with a clean and clear canvas to produce the picture you desire. Healthy, clean skin should be the focus before any makeup application.  Professional makeup artist or not, you will not get that "makeup on fleek" look if your model has dry, flaky skin. The proper skincare will allow for clean beautiful skin and the perfect canvas to apply flawless makeup.  This does not mean that you decide to get your first facial or use moisturizer or a new product for the first time the day before your makeup appointment.  This could produce red, inflamed skin, breakouts, or skin allergies which will not be beneficial for creating a flawless look.  If your goal is a fresh, healthy glow that will last throughout the day then you need to give your skin some tender love and care for the makeup products to work best on your skin.  


A few steps are needed to leave your skin healthy so that your makeup glides on effortlessly and looks great. Cleansing your face daily not only removes makeup, but also removes dirt, sweat, and dead skin that builds up on a daily basis and will clog the pores and leave your skin dry, dull and cause breakouts.  Exfoliators and toners are the next step. Exfoliator are used to help remove more dead skin and pollutants and are good to use every 2 to 3 days. And toners can be used daily to help to balance out your skin's pH balance and stabilize your skin. And the final crucial step is to hydrate your skin. Use a moisturizer designed for your skin type. Also choose a moisturizer to use in the morning that contains sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to help protect your skin from sun damage. After your moisturizer you can apply any additional products that you may need for acne or other skin issues. 


Once you develop a good skincare routine with well-formulated products that are healthy for your skin,  you will have that clean canvas to produce that beautiful glowing picture.  Once you have healthy skin, you won't need to rely on using so much product and a lot less makeup is needed to cover up the imperfections. So it's a win-win situation, and you'll have clear, healthy skin which will look flawless with or without makeup.


"Every woman should learn how to be her own skincare expert."

                                                              - Bobbi Brown


"If the skin looks beautiful, everything else will look great. Skin is the most important part of makeup."


                               -FRANCOIS NARS,

                                Founder & Creative Director


 My basic skincare routine consists of the Younique Royalty skin care line which uses natural-based ingredients to nurture, protect, and revive my skin making it look and feel beautiful. My skin has never looked or felt more clean, clear and youthful since I started to use this product line.  Because of my love for Younique's natural-based products, I have been an independent presenter for the company since 2014.  You can visit my site to view this makeup and skincare line, and feel free to message me if you need suggestions. I love to assist women in looking and feeling beYOUtiful!  


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